Keith Ericksen

Keith Ericksen

Financial Professional

Office: 860-432-9119
Fax: 860-432-9092

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Keith Ericksen comes to our agency with a lifetime of relevant experience gained from finding solutions for others in the utility industry.  His diverse experiences in design and business solutions, combined with his desire to serve people by meeting their needs are well suited to his current profession.  While Keith derived enjoyment from his previous work, he now finds great satisfaction in his ability to positively impact people's lives individually, on a very personal level.

Those closest to Keith describe him as empathetic by nature and passionate about his work.  His primary goal when working with you will be to understand your needs, goals, and desires and to develop strategies going forward to attain them.   He also aims to empower you through education -- not simply recommend solutions.  It is his belief that you own your future and that you should be comfortable and confident that the strategies going forward are quality solutions.