B & L Financial Architects helps industrious individuals, families and business owners...highly motivated people who appreciate the value and wisdom of vision, preparation, a strong work ethic, and leaving a solid legacy for their families, employees and society-at-large.

We help clients to prepare for the stages in their lives:

* The Accumulation Stage
* The Retirement Stage
* The Estate Transfer Stage

Our process

By understanding your current life stage and needs, we can help you to determine goals and objectives.

* Our evaluation can give you a customized analysis of your current financial position.

* For each life stage, we can assist you in determining your financial objectives.

* Our primary focus is to make sure that your strategies help you to attain your goals.

By preparing for each life stage, your financial objectives and goals become more attainable. Let's discuss your needs and review your goals, to help protect your financial future and that of your family.

A customized option for you

Sound financial management can enable you to make decisions that aim to enhance your life and build security for you and your family. By focusing on your personal needs, together, we can create a strategy for your financial growth.

* Protecting the family: what plans have you made to provide income for your family in the event of your early death or disability?

* College financing: a bachelor's degree from a state college can be expensive. Do you need assistance in preparing for your children's education?

* Investing: with over 10,000 mutual funds currently in the marketplace, do you need help deciding which funds are suitable for you and your objectives?

* Business strategy: do you have a business succession strategy? Is it time for a review of your current employee benefits?

* Preparing for retirement: after your work life, will you have the money you need? Do you have a strategy that will provide an income to enjoy your hobbies or travel?

* Transferring wealth: are your strategies in place for a smooth wealth transfer? Would you like to provide for charitable donations and leave a legacy?

Focus on your financial future

Services for your personal needs

* Income protection
* Retirement
* Estate preservation
* Investments
* Education
* Charitable giving

Services for your business needs

* Business succession
* Key executive benefits deferred compensation, executive bonuses
* Retirement
* Employee benefits